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Caitlin, I have this nebulous idea that I’ve had for a while that I’m trying to grow. I don’t know what it will turn in to yet, but it’s been an idea that’s been there for a while now, and I kind of have this notion that somehow you’re involved in it, too. Full disclosure: I may be being crazy. I am kind of obsessed with this idea of heritage of a place, both natural and cultural. And I love and am passionate about the natural and culture heritage of my home place so much. And I’ve had a notion for a long time that there is someway to do something—to make some sort of contribution, to do something big—to preserve and celebrate that heritage. To bring an awareness and appreciation of that heritage. And then for the past couple of years you’ve been doing your Our Natural Heritage thing (which you know I love) and I’ve started to think, “gee, I wonder if there is some way Caitlin and I could do something big together?”. I don’t know what that something is exactly yet (but I have some ideas…keep reading , and no idea if it’s anything that might fit in to your plans, but I thought it was worth putting out there to you. So what is this thing? A non-profit perhaps. What does this thing do? Well, I’m not totally sure yet, but for one it celebrates natural and cultural heritage…kind of in the same way you’re already celebrating it with Our Natural Heritage…and perhaps in other ways.

  • Maybe it sets up heritage trails like the awesome heritage trails with awesome signage that we have in Washington DC through the DC Cultural Tourism organization:
  • Maybe it sets up water trails, which are kayaking trails that mark and celebrate natural heritage
  • Maybe it has some sort of student programs down in our neck of the woods, like those that happen at Alton Jones, or though this organization I work with at Nat Geo, called Nature Bridge:
  • Maybe it leads regular nature walks, or has citizen science programs
  • Maybe it has a tourism edge where experiences in local heritage are offered to paying visitors
  • Maybe it involves some kind of sailing….educational sailing and boat cruises
  • Maybe it is a leader is conservation and science communication like this group from Maine that I’ve worked with a bit:

    I don’t know what it does yet, exactly, or even what it is. But I feel like there is something here, and I feel like it’s something that I’m drawn to exploring with you. So…there’s the end of my potentially crazy note…in part it was to write down some of my own thoughts in this and get them out of my head, and in part to just introduce them to you a bit. And no worries about responding with much depth, if you don’t have capacity right now. And you can also feel free to tell me you hate this idea, if you’re so inclined. And whatever the case, thanks for reading I’ll be home the first weekend in March. Maybe we could get breakfast and chat.


Neighborhood Heritage Trails | Cultural Tourism DC
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